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Brownsea Island Sup & Yoga Retreat

Posted By Dave

Retreat: 8th & 9th JUNE 2017

Thanks to our fantastic customers who enjoyed our recent Brownsea Island Paddleboard & Yoga Retreat. We had an ‘all lady’ retreat this time and most didn’t know each other but all were all firm friends by the end of the trip.

Sadly, the weather wasn’t kind and I can’t lie we did experience a little rain but in-a-way that made it even more of an adventure – let’s face it, you’re on a water sports trip, you’re going to get wet anyway!?*

We began the retreat at The Watersports Academy meeting all the guests, once we’d all checked in, wetsuits chosen and introductions over – we were off! We all jumped into our waiting powerboat and sped off to Brownsea Island where the paddleboard equipment was waiting.

The first day sped past with so much squeezed in – an island hoping paddleboard session, delicious hot lunch, more paddleboarding, sizzling BBQ dinner, island exploration and to finish an island Yoga session accompanied with red squirrels and peacocks – truly tired out but full of smiles we were all ready for a good nights sleep in our island cabin.

After breakfast it was much of the same the following day, I can safely say that all these girls we were absolutely amazing. We laughed so much and they made the trip so enjoyable it really didn’t feel like work at all!
See you all again in September?

If this sounds fun then check out our next adult only adventure in September 2017.


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